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How to Choose a First Dance Song

What first dance song will you and your fiance choose to dance to on your wedding day? If you don't already have that special song full of meaning, no worries! We've got a few tips on how to pick your first dance song.


You can have a romantic and slow first dance, or something upbeat and fun. The most important thing is that it speaks to you as a couple. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Use an event. If you can't find one that reflects your whole life story, why not use your first date and how you felt on that day?

  2. Go down memory lane. Sit down together and work through your favourite songs. Start with a long list and listen to them carefully, then cross them off as you narrow down your search.

  3. Get inspiration. You can ask your wedding DJ what's popular or friends and family who are married what their song way. They might have recommendations you didn't think of.

  4. Do you have a theme for your wedding? For example, a Disney song from your fav movie is a great option if you have a Disney cake, centerpieces, and themed drinks.

Maybe you met in the club and got down to Jay-Z whiling shooting Jagerbombs. Think about your guests on this one. You can either have fun with it, ya know, start off slow and then have your wedding DJ mix in BOOM SHAKA LAKA and bring in the wedding party. If your guests are unfamiliar with that side of you and your grandparents are in the crowd, you may want to stick to simple.


Now that you have your thinking cap on, there are a few considerations that you'll want to take when choosing your first dance song. We've made a list of things that can really help you stress out less when planning.

Things to look for when choosing your first dance song:

  1. Does it reflect who you are as a couple and your love story? More than once, we have seen a bride or groom enjoy a song, but they didn't really consider what the lyrics were saying - as in, it was a breakup song.

  2. Consider the speed of the song. Is it fast or slow? Can you dance, or will you take lessons? Some couples will have a fully choreographed dance!

  3. The length of the song. Why? Do you want to be dancing for 6 minutes to a song? If it is a long song, pick your favourite 2 - 3 minutes and work with your wedding DJ.

  4. Are you more of a modern or traditional couple, and what feeling do you want to have at your wedding? This is important for your overall vision of your wedding.


Hopefully, this can help you with your planning journey. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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