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What's an Audio Guestbook for your wedding and do you want one?

Updated: Mar 3

What's the new Audio Guest Book trend at weddings and why are people getting them? They're a stylish looking phone rental with a retro personal feel to them for guests to leave personal message for you and your fiancé. And they absolutely beat pen and paper guestbooks! Do you want one for your wedding? Here's some pros and cons to the wedding Audio Guestbook!

A personalised wedding day is something you should absolutely be striving for, and the more customised flair, the better in our opinion! The Audio Guestbooks are relatively cheap to rent for your wedding, average $250 - $500.

It's your wedding, and your day, so if you want an Audio Guestbook, they are super retro and cute. But does the recorded message idea last? How many times are you going to open up that USB or online link from the Audio Guest Book to re-listen to messages? And if someone doesn't leave their name, you won't even know who left it!

Edmonton audio guestbook
Audio Video Guestbook

You could sooner rent a Photo Booth with a video option add-on where guests could record a message just for you, instead of the audio only guestbook (we're calling it the Audio Video Guestbook Rental). This feels like more of a win-win! Your guests can leave you an awesome message with their smiling faces included. The audio video guest book will capture the moment more than the audio only guest book.

Audio Guestbook Pros: Stylish, Personalised, Messages from loved ones.

Audio Guestbook Cons: Voice only, Can't be in a loud room,

Guests forget about it or miss it.

At the end of the day, the audio guestbook is a cool idea for your wedding that's also affordable, but I would wonder if it's something that you would sit and listen to after! Another really fun idea I have seen is when a close family member brought their retro cam-corder to film and record super candid moments of the wedding. For me, video will outlast a voice message any day, so before you spend your money on a trend, consider if it's something you really want. Again, it's way better than pen and paper scribbles you won't be able to read after your wedding.

Would you have an Audio Guestbook for your wedding day?

  • Yes!

  • Nope!

If you're looking for the Audio Guestbook or Video Guestbook, reach out! Our Edmonton Wedding DJ & Photo Booth Services have been curated for your special day, while bringing in your vision!


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