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Mobile DJ vs. Club DJ - Which DJ should you hire for your event?

If you're planning an event, you might be considering which type of DJ you should hire and why.

You might be surprised to learn not all DJs are created equal and that there are different types that you may want to hire for your specific event. When you first think of a DJ you likely either think of your friends wedding DJ from 20 years ago or the DJ that's at the club downtown in your city. Some DJ's do both, some have separate companies for the different events they do and services they offer, and some excel at what they do best and nothing else.

What are the different types of DJs? There's 2 main ones, the Club DJs and the Mobile DJs. The others are the music producer and the basement guy. So we're going to focus on the main 2 for you. Lots offer both, but to figure out which DJ you need for your event, we'll give you a few tips.

What's the difference between a Mobile DJ and Club DJ and which one should you hire for your upcoming event.

The Club DJ is the one that has name recognition and can often rock a party like no tomorrow. Some are interactive on the mic, some take song requests, and some play the best music so you don't need either the emcee or requests. The biggest reasons to hire this type of DJ is the name recognition and their mixing skills, they often live mix every weekend, so that's a lot of practice.

What doesn't a Club DJ offer for your event? Typically, a club DJ only owns a DJ controller. That means they don't always know how to setup sound equipment and if they do, they're using rented equipment. They also don't always understand the flow of the event and when specific events are supposed to happen and what all your event needs from a music standpoint. Also, there is only 1 of this person.

For example, we have seen club DJs running their dance lights during dinner and playing Pitbull louder than you can think.

The Mobile Event DJ company is the DJ that travels and setups up at multiple different events every weekend. This type of DJ usually owns their own equipment, sets it up at your event, runs your sound for announcements and can also Emcee your event. The Mobile DJ can be interactive, take song requests, and understand your event from start to end. These are usually companies that have multiple DJs working for them with different skill sets.

What doesn't a Mobile Event DJ offer? This type of DJ doesn't always live mix (ask them if they have any DJs that do) and they don't always have the big name recognition.

For example, we have seen Mobile Event DJs not even bring out a mixing controller to live mix at the event.

If you're planning an event that is more than just the party, you will want to consider hiring a Mobile Event DJ Company over a Club DJ.

I mentioned event flow earlier and how your Club DJ and Mobile DJ have different experiences with this. The Mobile Event DJ usually has more experience with the entire reception of an event. They will be able pick up on cues about doing announcements, Emcee your event if needed, and communicate with you for seamless transitions of your timeline.

Many types of DJs offer both of these services or have experience in both, but it's good to ask before you hire someone that might not fit your event needs.

If you're looking to hire a DJ for an upcoming event, always ask about insurance, contracts and business licenses to make sure they are legitimate and not the basement DJ.

Types of events to hire a DJ:


Corporate Functions



Charity Events


Holiday Parties

Grand Openings

Awards Banquets

Custom Appreciation Events

Product Launches


Fun Runs

You're ready to start researching the DJ that's best for you!

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