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How Quality Sound and Lighting Production can Make or Break Your Corporate Event

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Hiring quality sound and lighting production services for your next corporate event can make all the difference in attendee interaction and give a higher level of engagement. Booking the wrong sound and lighting company is a sure way to have less than enjoyable experience at your event.

Think about when you've been to a bigger corporate event and they stick you towards the back of the room and you can barely hear the sound or see any lighting.

Your atmosphere and expereince is completely different from the rest of the room at the event. However, if the event organiser hired a professional sound and lighting production company, then everyone attending the event will get to enjoy the same experience and give the same level of engagement back to the event.


Why Does Quality Sound and Lighting Matter?

Your sound and lighting quality is vital to the experience of your attendees at your corporate event. If they can't hear you, they're not engaged.

How many times have you seen the back table in a dark corner at an event joking around or staring at their cell phones instead of engaging with the event or feeling included and seen by the speaker? Alternatively, you can turn everyone at your event off if the microphone continuously cuts out, or worse, squeals.

A quality sound and lighting setup from a reliable production company will make your event memorable.

Quality Sound and Lighting at Your Corporate Event will Make or Break the event.

Be seen and heard at your next corporate event with quality sound and lighting!

You've established by now you don't want a dark corner in the back of your venue space where your attendees will likely ignore you and feel equally ignored. How can you give them the same immersive experience as the attendees at the front of the room? Illuminate your venue space with uplighting, gobo projections, LED Walls, or Projector and Screens so they can see you and be seen. Right from when your attendees walk in the door at your corporate event, it should feel like an experience, whether you give them a Hollywood Paparazzi entrance or an interactive registration (both fantastic ideas), consider that sound and lighting will impact the overall experience. By the way, lighting directs people, so if you want them to go somewhere, light it up!

Make sure you have clear sound quality ran by professional sound technicians at your corporate event. Remember, if your attendees can't hear you, they're not engaged. Whether you hired a motivational speaker, are hosting an awards ceremony, or you have a comedian, you want your guests to be a part of the experience, especially if they paid to be there. Quality sound that doesn't have a mic that shrills or cuts out and makes it so everyone can hear the announcements and presentations will keep your attendees focused and involved in your event.

IRL: When we provided the lighting and additional sound for the Edmonton Huawei Annual Awards Event at the JW Marriot, we made sure that the lighting felt immersive from the first time you walked in the room to when you sat down at your table and were able to view the lit stage. You want your sound and lighting production company to understand your mission and vision of the event as well. The additional sound was to give an emphasis on the dance floor for when the dance began. Mystica Entertainment provided the DJ Services, Sound Technician, Photo Booth, and Lighting Services for the event.

Edmonton Corporate DJ
Edmonton Corporate Event Production

Pro Tip: See if your sound and lighting production has been at your corporate event's venue before so they know exactly what you need.

You want your attendees engaged through quality sound and lighting. You may be trying to raise money, create a momentous reveal, or just hosting a fun event, either way, your attendees are there for the experience and they want to hear and see it. Don't leave them hanging by hiring the cheapest company that doesn't know what a satellite speaker is.

Hiring quality sound and lighting for your corporate event also looks like paperwork. You want your production company to have a business license, insurance, and a contract. Having all of their ducks in a row means they care about what they do and the quality that you will get. If your corporate event is important to you, then consider the sound and lighting to be one of your most crucial elements.

Ready to be seen and heard with quality sound and lighting at your corporate event?

Now you know quality sound and lighting is important to your corporate event and you know to hire a reliable and professional production company. Make your event exceptional by researching local companies in your area, reading reviews, and making sure they are legitimate. Ask your potential sound and lighting companies if they have any experience at your corporate event venue. At the very least, ask them for a contract.

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