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Why You Should Hire a Photo Booth For Your Next Corporate Event

Having a Photo Booth at your next corporate event is a great way to add value for your attendees and create brand awareness for you or your sponsors.

Do you remember the last corporate event with a really awesome photo booth activation? Then you know how fun they are! Not only are they fun though, but they create engagement for your attendees that can be easily shared on their favourite social media platform. The photo booth creates an instant memory, whether digital or printed, that the attendees will hang on to for years to come.

If you're unsure about hiring a Photo Booth for your next corporate event or haven't been in one for a long time, I promise you they have come a long way. With instant printing and social sharing, and additional ways to brand the photo booth for your event or company, it's a no brainer to add one.

True story - I still have photo booth pictures from 15+ years ago.

Best Ways to Incorporate a Photo Booth at Your Corporate Event

You might be wondering what all of these magical branded and highly engaging activations I'm referring to with your photo booth. So here are some fun ways to incorporate the Photo Booth and drive engagement:

  • Add your logo to the template, digital or print options available

  • Include social links to your brand on the digital message

  • Add an event hashtag for when attendees share the image or video

  • Customize a step and repeat backdrop

  • Upgrade to receive analytics of attendee engagement

  • Use the email and text data to follow up with attendees

  • Include Sponsors on the template

  • Create a Vinyl Wrap in your brand to wrap the photo booth

  • Add additional lighting that matches the event theme

  • Include a contest or promotion when attendees share the photo or video

Edmonton Photo Booth rental
IIHF Dairy Farmers of Canada Photo Booth Activation

How a Photo Booth Adds Value to Your Corporate Event

All of the above tips for having a Photo Booth at your next corporate event will add value to your event by keeping your guests engaged and sharing the event after. Which in turn, shares your company or event logo and creates brand awareness.

Edmonton 360 Photo Booth
Overhead 360 Video Booth Experience

There's a few different types of photo booth's you can add to your event, that all have unique ways to add value:

  • Digital Photo Booth

  • Classic Print Photo Booth

  • Roaming Photo Booth

  • 360 Photo Booth

Each of these photo booth options have a unique way to add value to your next event from digital experiences to hands-on experiences that hit all of the senses. The 360 Photo Booth and video content has taken a strong stance in the market as the most popular content and highly engaging for social branding and content sharing.

Adding a Photo Booth experience to a corporate event has come a long way from what it used to be with more features than ever and multiple ways to share the content. You can customise it to reflect your brand the experience you want your attendees to have at the event.

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