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What is a Roaming Photo Booth?

A roaming photo booth is one of the newest additions in the photo booth and entertainment industry that allows the operator to roam around the event and interact with your guests! It's a leading product that helps create a more personal experience at your events while being on point with branding. Immediate sharing allows guests to instantly add their Photo, GIF, or Boomerang to social media so they can share it with everyone.

Perfect for your next event marketing campaign! Guests will have instant gratification by being able to send themselves their photo and instantly share it, and you get to see where that photo ends up, it's impressions, and reach. Now, that's smart advertising!

Need Event Branding?

The roaming photo booth offers instant sharing of photos taken at the event that can be branded with your logo and event information. It's excellent if you are driving reach on social media or traffic to a specific site. We can also incorporate your branding on the photo booth start screen, apparel, and event colors.

Having a Themed Event?

This is an overlooked option for corporate events! The Roaming Photo Booth is more than just the booth, it's also a person. We can add an extra level at your next themed event by being a character at your event.

Looking for an interactive element?

If you have been throwing the same event for years, the Roaming Photo Booth is the perfect way to spice things up! The photo booth is completely portable, so we can be anywhere the action is at your event, and where it isn't since we bring the photo booth to your guests.

The roaming photo booth is the perfect combination of event photography and photo booth experience. If you're a photographer, you know guests are going to chase you for photos that can take you away from important moments. The roaming photo booth is meant to entertain guests and offers fun sharing capabilities right on the spot and can capture photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs all with your logo!

It's also excellent for bigger weddings and events and pairs up perfectly with a stationary photo booth! Take your roaming photography and photo booth experience to the next level!

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