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What Does a Wedding DJ do?

If you've started planning your wedding, you're probably wondering what a professional Wedding DJ does at your on your wedding day. We can cut to the chase and say that a wedding DJs primary role is to play the music for your wedding day, but there is a lot more that goes into executing a wedding than just hitting play.

Wedding DJ Edmonton
Grand Entrance at The Grand Imperial

While playing music is what your wedding DJ does, they also will create a fun and engaging atmosphere for your wedding guests. Consider how much your taste in music differs from your partners, now include all of your invited guests. That's a lot of musical influence in one room! Of course, you and your partners musical preferences are number one and you will have a playlist curated by your wedding DJ, but second is all of your guests.

Your wedding DJ can also provide the lighting, sound, and emcee services for your wedding. This will include extra pre planning to ensure your day is on point and runs smoothly. Your wedding DJ can take your vision and turn it into a reality - technically with the push of a button in some cases. However, it is our experience that offers seamless transitions and exceptional problem solving. Overall, a Wedding DJ plays a key role in the experience for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Here are some key roles your DJ can take care of on your wedding day:

Playing the music

Providing the sound system

Creating curated playlists


Setting up lighting

Providing wedding DJ services is a lot more than hitting play. Hitting play without cue points and proper mixing can make for a train wreck of a dance party, let alone your ceremony! Your wedding DJ will take pride in the moments that are important to you while creating a fun and memorable day for your guests.

Common Wedding DJ misconceptions:

Do wedding DJs take tips for song requests? Not typically. You'll see this more at your favourite bar where the DJ will only play a song if you pay them on the spot. That is not how it is at a wedding.

Do DJs drink on the job? Your DJ is working, they should not be drinking on your wedding day.

It's easy to DJ. No. DJ-ing your wedding day is a lot of pressure and a lot of cooks in the kitchen, usually. We don't talk about how stressed out every DJ gets before a ceremony.

A DJ only plays songs they like! Nope. That is why you create a must play and do not play list prior to your wedding to give your wedding DJ direction.

Wedding DJ Edmonton
Pine and Pond Wedding Reception

Hiring a wedding DJ will give a professional and personal feel to your wedding day. It will also take away the stress of you renting and setting up equipment, creating a playlist for 50 - 300 people aged 2- 99, make announcements and direct guests, and they will be able to pre plan your entire timeline with you and take into account all of your important songs.

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