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Do I Need a Wedding Party?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Your wedding does not need to have a wedding party.

You do not need to feel pressured into having a big head table with your sister, your brother, your best friend, or anyone else for that matter. This post is for the bride's and groom's that have not been told it's okay to think about yourselves on your wedding day.

Mystica Entertainment is not a wedding planning company, however, we are contacted very early in your planning stage and have seen brides and grooms stress about their wedding party throughout the planning process. Often, you'll wish it was only you and your significant other sitting together.

Just look how cute this is!

Edmonton Wedding DJ
Head Table Decor at Pine and Pond Wedding Venue

That doesn't mean you can't include your family and friends in your wedding. There are lots of parties along the way that they can help with, and if you're not hiring a planner or coordinator, you're going to want to give a couple of people very important jobs. Even then, you'll want them to enjoy the day, so we really do encourage hiring a planner, like Sugar Plum Events.

A couple of things to consider:

1. The size of your head table backdrop and decor just tripled, and so did the price.

2. Everyone will need the perfect dress or tux, and they really will not want to pay for it. Check out The Dress Lounge for awesome bridesmaid dresses!

2. Are you going to have a special dance or dedications for your wedding party? If everyone gets a chance to talk, speeches can take a long time.

3. How much are they going to be involved in the planning process?

Consider your budget, you are going to have to pay for a backdrop to go along with that massive 18 FT head table. Every table will need a tablecloth at minimum, maybe a runner and some flowers.

Along with the budget, you might have to pay for all of your bridal parties' attire. Dresses, ties, suits, vests, etc. And you'll want them all to match your wedding colours, this can be a nightmare if you don't have a popular colour or have an out of season colour.

Being able to say, "no" might come in handy. We have seen many bridesmaidzillas as well as groomsmen that have already been married and have strong suggestions on everything from food to decor, think they don't look good in the colours chosen, want to be with you every second of the planning process and speak for you. This is exhausting for any couple to experience. This can also result in arguments and confrontation.

Remember, you are investing your own time and money to make this a magical day for yourselves and your guests. It's your vision that is important, not your family and your friends that think you should go with "maroon" instead of "burgundy".

Edmonton has a ton of wedding vendors that are all understanding of any of your choices for your wedding day. You can plan your day however you want, and also feel free to ask questions about what wedding professionals have seen go well and not so well.

You can have 2 people, or 14, there are no rules to your wedding.



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