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7 Important Questions to ask your Wedding DJ

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Edmonton Wedding DJ
Edmonton Wedding DJ

Are you planning on hiring a DJ for your wedding day? Best choice ever! No one wants to have their favourite song skipped right in the middle by a drunk guest. Did you know that not all wedding DJ's are the same? Not to mention you have to spend your entire wedding day with them, so you will definitely want to meet them first and really get to know them!

Okay, here we go. 7 of the important questions we could think of asking a wedding DJ BEFORE you hire them! Seriously, and we will explain why.


#1. Do you have insurance?

First of all, there are a ton of venues that will require your vendors to provide proof of insurance and/or licensing. When your DJ has insurance it proves they are professional and care about the business they are in. Our equipment is expensive, but not as expensive as a lawyer if we get sued! If there are any DJ's reading this, get insurance!


#2. Will you read the crowd?

This is really important at weddings! The crowd is often aged 2 yrs old to 80 yrs old and there will be a lot diversity in the music your guests are into. Even if you're having a smaller wedding, you will want someone that plays what you want to hear, not what the DJ wants to hear.


3. Do you take requests?

Even we were surprised to learn that not all DJ's take requests! Your weddings guests will love to make requests all night long, we highly encourage it as it helps with reading the crowd! Guests get pretty bummed out when the DJ won't play their favourite request, such as "Dancing Queen by ABBA".


4. Do you own your own equipment?

Some part time DJ's will charge you and then rent the equipment. It's important that a DJ owns and has had time to understand their own equipment. Rentals can often have issues that are not easily solved, or they borrowed their "buddy's friend who knows a guy, speakers". It again shows how much your DJ values their job!


5. How many hours are provided?

Some DJ's provide the whole day, others only give 4 hours (the dance). We like to cover your cocktails and dinner to get a feel for the crowd before the dance begins, and no one wants to eat in silence!


6. When do you set up?

This ties in with number 5. If your DJ is only playing for 4 hours you DO NOT want them to be setting up during your dinner and speeches! It will be very disruptive and annoying. Ask to make sure they will set-up earlier and watch out for additional charges!


7. Do You have a contract?

If the answer is no, do not hire them. Do not give them any money. Do not pass go. This is important to make sure your DJ has the obligation to show up on your wedding day for the agreed upon wage for the agreed upon amount of time.


Do you have any other important questions? Let us know!



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