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COVID-19 Wedding Planning - The Music

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Trying to plan how you can have music (or fun) at your Covid-19 wedding? Being a bride or groom and trying to plan a wedding right now seems like one of the most daunting jobs on the planet - unless you're an actual event planner. Can you dance? Can you have speeches? Can you even laugh and smile, or will you be wearing a mask anyway? So many unanswered questions!

Don't cancel that wedding DJ deposit just yet! We're here to weigh in on the idea that you can actually still have live entertainment at your wedding and make it a fantastic time celebrating with your friends and family. DJ's do a lot more than just hit play for the dance (contrary to popular belief)! A lot of planning goes into your wedding day, from the ceremony all the way up to the dance party, your wedding DJ controls the mood of your entire wedding day. So, how are you still getting a valuable service without the dance party?

1. The Ceremony

Wanna know a DJ secret? This is the most stressful part of any wedding. It's intimate, emotional, and every detail has to be absolutely perfect. Take the stress away by letting a professional handle everything for you. A wedding DJ can set the romantic mood during guest seating, play your perfect song to walk down the aisle too, and make sure your vows are heard by everyone. Let your guests celebrate with you! Covid can't hold back this tradition!

2. Background Music

Having music over cocktails and dinner is the perfect time to set the mood for your evening. Whether it's a candle-lit dinner, or a fun reception with table games and funny speeches, the music and sound are going to play a big part. This might look a little bit different with Covid looming, but nothing is more awkward than a silent dinner in an already uncomfortable situation. So let a DJ read the room and work with you to curate your music for your day.

3. MC Services

Most DJ's have excellent MC skills and can facilitate the flow of the evening from special introductions like your Grand Entrance to introducing your parents for the speeches. We'll supply the sound and microphones as well while cleaning them between each use. From what we know in Alberta at least, is that your guests are allowed to leave their seats in order to come up and make a toast. Want to play the shoe game at your wedding? Nothing is stopping you! Let us create a stress-free environment for you and your guests by handling the announcements and sound.

4. Special Songs & Dedications

It's not a wedding without a first dance! You can still celebrate with beautiful picture-perfect moments like dancing with your spouse for the first time as a married couple, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and cake cutting - or doughnut.. or cupcake.. whatever you want to do, it's your wedding after all. All of these important and impactful wedding dedications are best accompanied by a special song! Let your wedding DJ handle these so nothing is missed.

5. Create Ambience

How else can a DJ be a part of your wedding day other than the music? A lot of us offer lighting services such as custom monograms, uplighting, and more mood lighting such as mirror balls for your first dance. We can transform the look and feel of your venue to bring your vision to life. Even if it is Covid, it doesn't have to feel like it for your special day.

In summary, Covid sucks. As an entertainer, we are heartbroken to see couples choosing to forgo important moments of their wedding or scrap their wedding altogether. Some of the weddings we did this year with less than 50 people were some of the most memorable weddings we have ever done. Your guests can't wait to celebrate with you, no matter what the setting is. Let the professionals take care of the important moments of your wedding, and make wedding planning a little bit easier on you and your significant other during covid.

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