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Booking a DJ for your School Dance

It's that time of year again to start planning your School's Graduation and you need to book a DJ for your School Dance! You want a DJ that is fun and can really connect with your school's students at their dance. It's really important to them, and we want to help make their dance memorable!

Finding the right DJ

So, what can you do to make sure you book the right DJ for your school? You want to find a School Dance DJ that understands there is a difference between an Elementary, Junior High, and High School dance. Each school has different age groups that are going to respond differently to the music we play. But don't worry! A professional and experienced DJ will be able to read any crowd and play songs to get the kids dancing.

How can your DJ work with you to make sure your school dance is the best?

1. You can give your DJ a list of music before the dance. This also gives us a chance to find clean versions of the songs!

2. A DJ can take requests during the event! The kids will tell us if they don't like the music we are playing.

3. We can also emcee the event. That gives us a chance to talk to the students, to announce giveaways, and even joke around with them.

School Dances aren't easy to plan and play music for. The biggest complaint we hear from teachers and adults, especially for middle school and high school, is that "kids don't dance". Which is crazy! Those kids get dressed up ready to party. They can't wait to dance and request their favourite song from the DJ.

What can you do for a successful school dance?

Do you throw multiple school events a year? Create different themes to go along with the events and change them up for the kids. This will also help us keep the music fresh for them. Create posters or promo material that can get the kids excited to have a DJ at their school dance. Also, contact your DJ to see if you can book them for the whole year! They will probably give you a discount for multiple events.

A school dance DJ creates a memorable experience for your students and the event they are celebrating. Music is important to any event and a DJ can create a specific vibe to engage with your students.

Edmonton, Alberta


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