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How Do I Find The Right Wedding DJ?

It's tough to find the right DJ for your wedding day, there are a lot of choices and opinions that get thrown your way the second you get engaged. You know a DJ is important, finding the right one for you is just as important. Your friends wedding DJ may not be the perfect fit for you because you have a different music style, different wedding vibe, or something as simple as a difference in personalities. A club or radio DJ your friend knows should be researched and considered based on more information. Finding the right wedding DJ will leave your wedding day nothing short of spectacular, so it's worth the extra time to do some research. We've compiled a list to help make finding the right DJ for your wedding a little less overwhelming.

1. Meet up with your DJ or at least talk to them on the phone/zoom. Did you guys connect? Did they answer all of your questions? Are they excited about your wedding? These are important things to consider. Don't just sign a contract and jump into the first sale you are confronted with. You should be comfortable with your wedding DJ, you do have to spend your entire wedding day with them.

2. Don't automatically go with the first DJ you know. Your friend or acquaintance might be able to DJ, but a wedding DJ has a special set of skills that keep your ceremony and reception flowing from romantic to dance party. Let their experience reflect who you choose. Find out if they have done weddings before and ask to see videos or photos.

3. Check with your venue or other vendors - your vendors are your best resource for everything wedding related. They might have some fantastic insight or recommendations for you to book a wedding DJ. They've already met with you and have a pretty good idea of your vision. Extra bonus, any preferred vendors to a venue will have an idea of your wedding before it even starts. They know where to set-up, who to talk too, and they know how your venue sounds.

4. Research. Start with asking your friends who got married how their experiences were. Each DJ is different, just as all of your friends are. Ask for referrals and look up reviews. Look at photos and videos you connect with. This will take a lot of time, and it's not easy, but you will end up with a perfect fit eventually.

5. Do they have more options than DJing? A lot of DJ's have more talents than just playing music at your wedding. They can be very beneficial the overall experience. Some things DJs' can offer for your wedding is Emcee Services, Photo Booths, and awesome Lighting Packages that can transform your wedding venue to match your vision. Your wedding DJ shouldn't be pushy about these upsells, though.

6. Ask questions about the music they will play at your wedding. Do they offer a must-play list and a do-not-play list? Do they take requests? Wedding DJs can have a lot of recommendations, but it's your wedding and you should hear what you want.

7. Will your DJ drink at your wedding? This one might come as a surprise, but I recommend keeping this in the back of your mind. No one plays well after a few drinks, they just think they do. Don't worry, it's not common, but it does happen where the DJ will be at the bar a little too much in the night and this can affect the overall experience. We have a strict 1 drink to toast the happy couple rule during your wedding.

8. What do they do to get the crowd going? This is a big one and why hiring a DJ that specializes in weddings can be crucial. A wedding DJ is reading the room and dancefloor before the dance even begins. Then if the DJ still can't get you bumping we'll jump on the mic or play interactive songs that are always a hit at weddings. Not all weddings are dancing crowds, and if you know you have a tough crowd, your wedding DJ is usually pretty excited about planning extra activities with you.

Your wedding DJ is so much more than just a DJ, they're there from the ceremony until the end of your reception. They understand the flow of the entire day, all while keeping your vision top of mind. It's like adding your own personal touch to the wedding. Do you want a romantic dinner? A kick-ass dance party? A 2-stepping country wedding? They are there for you and your guests.

Still have some questions about finding the right DJ for your wedding? Reach out anytime!

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