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Planning an Outdoor Ceremony

Are you planning on having an outdoor ceremony? There's a lot of details to factor in, especially your backup plan - take it from us, we did almost 60 outdoor wedding ceremonies last year (2022). You may find just as many pros as there is cons to having an outdoor ceremony vs an indoor ceremony.

How do you plan a ceremony? You'll need a venue, an arch/decor, seating, an aisle, music, guests, and an officiant - you've got a ceremony! Create your timeline, and you're married in no time. Stress free, if it's an indoor ceremony.

An outdoor ceremony is undeniably beautiful. Imagine the sun is coming through a slightly overcast day, making for the best photos ever and everyone is comfortable at your wedding. It's even better if you have a slightly shady or tree'd in area that will elevate the experience. Your best bet is to find a venue that has a lot of experience with outdoor ceremonies, as well as a backup option for you. Those type of venues know exactly what you need.

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Pine and Pond Outdoor Ceremony

Why does your outdoor ceremony require a backup plan? From experience, the week of a wedding that has any weather that isn't a perfect forecast is going to be stressful. Rain, snow, heat warnings, or really a slight gust of wind can get your wedding planning gears turning and you'll be contacting all of your ceremony vendors - sometimes twice a day, up to the minute of your wedding ceremony. Unless you want the day of your wedding to start off stressful, have a backup plan.

Creating a backup plan means you're prepared for anything and know your ceremony is going to be beautiful no matter what. And outdoor or indoor, you're still going to get your walk down the aisle. The alternative is crying all of your makeup off.

Pro Tip: You truly have to take your guests into account with an outdoor ceremony. You're staying inside getting your hair and makeup done (brides and grooms), and it's usually air conditioned. While your guests are showing up 30 minutes prior to your walk down the aisle, and they're sitting outside in the rain or beating hot sun. Make sure you take the elderly into consideration, you do not want anyone fainting on your wedding day from the heat.

What does having an outdoor ceremony backup plan look like? Picture this: It's the day of your wedding and there is a rain warning, the chairs that were set up 2 hours ago are now soaked and the ground is mud (not great for a white dress). However, you're not worried, you're prepared. You either pre-planned and had a tent installed, or it's an easy transition to your reception tent or venue. The trick is to realize your day is all about getting married to the person you love.

If you're overly worried about missing some outdoor ceremony photos, go out with your bridal party after the rain/heat/wind dies down. Bad weather doesn't usually last all day in Alberta. And have fun with it!

Pro Tip 2: If you're having an outdoor ceremony, use a microphone instead of a lavaliere mic, the lav's can pick up wind and additional sounds and they tend to be a little bit quieter than a traditional mic.

To summarise, your ceremony is to marry the person you love! It's not about stressing about the weather. Most outdoor ceremonies turn out absolutely stunning, and if the setting has to change, it'll still be beautiful.

Edmonton wedding dj
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Red Deer Canyon Ski Resort


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