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How to Plan With Your Wedding DJ

Did you know your DJ is going to play a big role in almost all of your special moments at your wedding? So, it's a good idea to coordinate and plan with your wedding DJ to ensure every moment happens how and when you want it to.

edmonton wedding dj
edmonton wedding dj

Before your wedding even starts, there are a lot of things to take into consideration that your wedding DJ will need to know! Typically, your wedding DJ doesn't just show up for the first time to your wedding venue on the day of your wedding. That's a good way to look like an idiot, and we usually strive for professionalism. So, have yourself or your wedding planner meet on-site for a site visit prior to your wedding day to nail down some logistics. Like these:

1. Space Required

The size of your wedding and the vibe you want will determine if your DJ needs to bring out a lot of equipment, or a little equipment. If you want a Gobo, the floor to shake with bass, and it to look like a rave, we might need some extra space in order to achieve that. And if you let your DJ know prior that there might not be a lot of space to work with, we can plan ahead and make sure we fit perfectly.

2. Wedding DJ Location

There are usually 2 spaces for your wedding DJ to be - tucked in a corner, or close to the dancefloor. Meeting up at your venue prior to plan the location of your DJ is a great idea to coordinate power and if the DJ booth will be obstructive to anything at your wedding. As a company, we have been surprised once by stairs, and that was enough to decide that preplanning was very important!

3. Outdoor Services

Is power available? That is the number one concern your wedding DJ is going to have with an outdoor event. If power is not available, we have lots of options to bring power in. If power is 100ft away, it's good for us to check out the site and see if we need to bring extension cords. The second concern is if we will be covered! Your DJ is not going to be able to set up without a tent or shelter covering them to protect their equipment from the elements. Sun can overheat the equipment and rain is an instant dance floor killer if our equipment gets wet.

4. Dress Code

Wedding DJ attire is pretty important to plan ahead. If you're having a black-tie affair, you'll want to make sure your DJ shows up in a suit and fits the theme. Alternatively, if you're having a backyard hoedown wedding, you may want your DJ to dress a little more laid back.

5. Parking & Load In

Why is parking important to your wedding DJ? Honestly, so we aren't doing circles around your venue before your wedding starts trying to find a place to park. Downtown locations are in particular pesky. It's a good idea to meet up prior to your wedding at your venue location in order to discuss if any parking can be arranged. Also, to talk to the venue to figure out the location of the loading dock and if they are on a schedule.

6. Wedding Schedule and Timeline

There are about 10 - 15 important songs in your wedding timeline that your DJ will preplan with you. If you do not have a wedding planner, designate someone your DJ can liaison with at your wedding to keep an eye on the schedule and keeps your wedding moving. Your schedule and timeline are very important to your wedding DJ. Of course, we are fully aware that your wedding may run ahead or behind schedule, and that's okay as long as we have a line of communication.

7. Will food be provided?

Just let your wedding DJ know if they need to plan food ahead or if they will be included in dinner. We are at weddings for 12 - 16 hours sometimes, so it's important for us to know before your reception if we are included in dinner. Being included is appreciated, but not required.

You're the host to the most amazing event ever - your wedding day! So take the time prior to plan and coordinate all of the important details. Your vendors know you are not a professional planner and can plan with you in order to bring your vision to life, even behind the scenes.

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