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What Do Wedding Guests Care About

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

You might be surprised to learn about what your wedding guests care about, and what they don't care about on your wedding day. If you're planning your wedding you know how stressful and crazy it can be. Trying to include everyone, keep wedding guests entertained, and all without missing a single detail. Sound familiar? You've probably taken to Pinterest so you don't miss a beat and can also find some cute additions you never would have thought of along the way. But how many of these things do you wedding guests actually care about? Let's dive into that a little bit. Because the digital world of wedding planning has some creative, expensive, and downright silly ideas for your wedding day.

1. Invitations

You might be thinking first impressions are everything, and what better way than with the best wedding invitation. Spoiler alert, it doesn't matter how pretty, expensive, or amount of time you spent on your wedding invitations. Your wedding guests are happy to be included, will mark it on their calendar, and throw out the invitation instantly after. In a digital world, you could opt for an online RSVP through the free sites available and save the trees as well as your wallet. If you do go with a printed version, consider going through someone local.

2. The Food

How far down the list is food on things that are most important to you on your wedding day? Bump it up to #1. The most memorable part of your wedding for your guests is going to be the food. If it's bad, that is the only thing they will talk about when they reminisce about your wedding day. Do you have a favourite local restaurant? See if they'll cater. We've seen tons of traditional, creative and fun options for catering, and the most expensive is not always the best. How about a Taco Bar, Food Truck, BBQ, Pizza, or Chicken Fingers & Fries? That last one was a real winner! Also, consider allergies, but most people know to bring their own alternatives. Pro-tip - always order more food than you need.

3. The Program

I love a good wedding program. Go with a large sign that's easy to see that has the major events of your day listed with a timeline - you can get these locally made! Have one for your ceremony and reception. The events of your day should flow together and have smooth transitions to keep your wedding guests engaged. Preplan your wedding timeline and let your vendors know about your schedule so everyone can be on time. Your guests might not realise they care and how helpful a program is. What can a program look like?

Guest Seating 3:00 PM

Ceremony 3:30 PM

Receiving Line 4:30 PM

Cocktails 5:00 PM

Grand Entrance 6:00 PM

Dinner 6:30 PM

Speeches 7:30 PM

First Dance 8:30

Party! 9:00 PM

4. The Music

Music creates an important atmosphere from cocktail hour to the dance party. You'll want to hire a DJ that can read the crowd, knows when to liaison with you or your wedding coordinator for special dances, and brings the party! You're going to have to spend a lot of time with your DJ and they can be really helpful in the planning process, so hire someone that you click with.

5. Transportation & Accommodation

Are you planning on having a beautiful rustic wedding in the middle of nowhere? Alberta has a ton of hidden gem wedding venues that are the perfect location for a wedding. Well, except that they have zero service so you and your guests won't be able to call a cab. Plan ahead with shuttle services or taxi cab vouchers on your wedding day. Some of your guests came to your wedding planning on driving home that night, but if they have a drink they will want a safe option to get home or to a nearby hotel.

6. Wedding Favours

Get off of Pinterest on this one right away. Do you know how many keys, bottle openers, and other shiny doo-dads are left on tables after a wedding? Over half of those trinkets are left. If your wedding guests can't immediately use the favours at your wedding or eat them, they don't care. Save the money on that hand-made-keys-to-our-heart thank yous, and spend the money where your guests can enjoy it. A Photo Booth, Candy Bar, Dessert Bar, Bubbles, Chocolates, Glow Sticks, Popcorn Bar, or Sparklers are all great options. Your guests won't want anything that isn't useful in the moment, memorable or edible.

7. The Dress

I know, I know, this is a hot topic. But let me clear this up for you! Your wedding guests are going to say "Wow. The bride looks beautiful" when you come walking down that aisle for the first time. They are not going to say "Wow. Look at that dress". If you're comfortable on your wedding day and smiling, you're going to be glowing and your guests are going to notice. It doesn't matter if your wedding dress was $100 or $1000.

8. Decor & Linens

Did you order chair covers? Guess what, your guests are going to come in from outside, throw their jacket on those chair covers to go tear up the dance floor, and you'll never see that satin white again. If any of your decorations or linens are necessary, of course, spend the money on it, but realize your guests really won't pay any attention at all to it. They're not there to judge your polyester or satin linens, and they don't care how much you spent on it. Your wedding guests care about celebrating with you. Your guests will love if your decor perfectly reflects who you are as a couple, so theme it up and have fun with it.

9. The Cake

New trend alert, the cake's out! Okay, that doesn't mean that you can't have a traditional cake cutting with a super cute photo op. This is about what your wedding guests care about. If your wedding cake isn't cut and served to your guest's seat, they aren't lining up for a white sugary, fondant covered, piece of cake that they'll eat half of and walk away from. So what's a good alternative? Cupcakes, doughnuts, cake-pops, cookies, and other fun easy to grab treats will keep their sweet tooth happy all night.

10. The Happy Couple

In the list of what your guests care about, this is it. Your wedding guests are there to celebrate your wedding with you. They want the chance to congratulate you, say hi, and dance the night away with you. Your wedding guests won't understand why you're upset if your wedding flowers showed up pink instead of peach, and frankly, they won't care. Everyone is there to see you get married and then to have a big celebration and party the night away.


So what's the takeaway here? When you're planning your wedding, consider what your wedding guests care about. You're the host and you want to throw the best wedding day ever. Your guests don't care about the small stuff, and you shouldn't either. Plan for food, drinks, and dancing, and you'll have the best wedding that your wedding guests will remember forever.

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