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Wedding Speech Tips - First Time?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

So you've been asked to create a wedding speech for a wedding and you need some tips for your first time? Well, lucky for you, we've seen 'em all and we have a few tips for you first timers! This is a pretty big compliment from the happy couple, even if you're dreading it, they probably love you and trust you to talk on a mic in front of a bunch of friends and family.

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First things first, where do you even start when writing a wedding speech? Do you keep your wedding speech light and funny, maybe sentimental or maybe everything in one? Yeah, let's go with everything! If you've ever been to a party or wedding, you've probably been a guest where there have been some interesting, just plain awkward, or a lot of rambling speeches. This comes from being unprepared! Don't embarrass yourself and the newlyweds for an instagrammable memory you don't want to relive.

Okay, so it goes a little like this, it's your turn, and your walking up.... "Speech! Speech! Speech!" is getting louder from the crowd - Maybe that last part doesn't always happen, but it has on occasion. How can you feel ecstatic instead of anxious and like throwing up during this moment?

Here's our Top 10 Wedding Speech Tips

1. Prepare. Having a written speech is a great way to not mess this thing up. It can be easier to think of your words if you write them down first. If you want to improvise a bit, go for it if you feel comfortable that you won't end up rambling or on a tangent. Winging it is probably your worst idea, so at least make some notes.

2. Save the heavier drinking for after. If you're planning on having a few drinks on this lovely night, save it for after speaking to a large crowd of people wielding cell phones with a video recorder. While hilarious to some, no one actually wants to hear your drunken speech about "this one time at band camp". Take the edge off if you need too at dinner with a drink or 2, but don't go overboard until you have handed the mic off.

3. Don't make it last. Have you ever heard someone talk for an hour at a wedding? We have. While you're important, everyone really wants to hear from the newlyweds. Ask the couple about their timeline so you don't go over and can keep the night running smoothly.

4. Finish strong. Have a funny joke, sentimental quote or marriage advice for the newlyweds? This is your time to share that advice and end your wedding speech with a bang. People will remember this part the most.

5. Stay away from any offensive material. Have an inappropriate joke or political statement? This is NOT the time. Seriously, you will bring the whole wedding down and we are here to tell you it's a bad idea.

6. Know your audience. You know that part about offensive material? Think about who will be in the room at that time. Maybe kids, grandparents, or other people that might not like your incriminating stories or inside jokes that 3 people out of 200 might understand. Be inclusive with everyone in the audience by keeping stories light in detail.

7. Be genuine. Being yourself will get you through this wedding speech, that's why you were chosen in the first place. Express your genuine feelings about the wedding, the newlyweds, the wedding party, and it can make everyone feel uplifted and amazing after your speech.

8. Stating the obvious. Do the bridesmaids look lovely and is groom the luckiest man alive? You bet! Everyone loves a shoutout, so include these obvious facts in your wedding speech to make it fun and enjoyable right off the bat.

9. Hold the microphone properly. Do you know what happens when you turn your head away from the mic or put it by your waist? No one hears you. Always keep the mic up to your mouth and speak clearly. Ask if people can hear you if you're curious and let the DJ adjust your volume if needed.

10. Raise you glass for a toast. There is nothing more celebratory than chinking glasses at the table and giving a cheers to the newlyweds.

While it's a special honour to be selected to give a wedding speech, it can come with a lot of pressure. Hopefully these tips help you nail your toast to the happy couple!

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