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Wedding Photographers in Edmonton

We just wanted to make a quick post about some of our favourite photographers we have had the pleasure of working with at weddings and why we liked them so much!

Alicia is amazing! So easy to work with and really focuses on capturing your candid moments and smiles! I have never seen so many photos of people genuinely smiling than from her amazing work. Also, if you want creativity, this girl is the jam to your peanut butter!

I love the style of her work, it's moody and full of contrast. You can tell she looks for the intimate moments between people when she is capturing and the final product is always outstanding!

Aidan is really enjoyable to work with and easy-going! His photos are full of depth and feelings. From light and airy to darker and full of emotion, his photos are sure to impress!

Click on their titles to view their portfolios and pick your favourite for yourself!



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