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Should Your Wedding DJ Live Mix?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Your wedding DJ should definitely live mix during your reception, and this is a great question to ask when choosing your wedding DJ. Your wedding DJ is live mixing because they are reading the crowd and taking requests to make sure your dance floor is packed with smooth transitions! There really isn't a downside to live mixing when it is done correctly, however, it can be done incorrectly.

Why is it important for your wedding DJ to live mix? First of all, the last thing you want is dead air between songs. Live mixing allows your DJ to ensure that every song flows and keeps everyone dancing. Your wedding DJ is going to be mostly reading the crowd during the dance, so they might live mix in based on a last-minute request or by fitting in a song that is on your must-play list at the perfect time. Your wedding crowd is going to be a mix of ages and backgrounds where not everyone has the same music taste, so a smooth evening is exactly what you want.

Now, live mixing music at a wedding is a lot different than live mixing at a club or bar and should be done with refined skill. Did you know that a lot of DJs don't actually live mix at weddings? It's not easy when you have a mixed bag of music that goes from "Welcome To The Jungle" to "I've Got Friends In Low Places". Sometimes, we get thrown a curveball, but the joy of live mixing is that we're always prepared - as much as possible.

So, if this live mixing sounds so great, where can your DJ go wrong? Let me tell you! You will have one very angry crowd if you cut off or remix your guest's favourite song. Just imagine you're singing along to "Don't Stop Believing", and your DJ mixes in another song right in the middle of the chorus. There will be outrage. Many of your wedding guests will want to hear most of their requested song and enjoy it while celebrating with you.

Do you know at the club where they play 30 seconds of a song? Your guests really don't want that. Remember, you're the host of an amazing event, and you want everyone to have an amazing time.

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