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How Much is a Wedding DJ?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

How much will your wedding DJ cost and what's included? Are you getting a good bang for your buck? Did you score a deal that seems too good to be true? (#weddingtip, it probably is!).

There is a lot to consider when booking your wedding DJ. So what does a wedding DJ cost and what's really the difference?

Edmonton Wedding DJ
Edmonton DJ Services

Is cocktail and dinner music included? Even if you have a live band, you still want your DJ there in case your band didn't bring their own sound, their sound fails, they only play a set and then require a break - which will be silent. Your DJ can even get a feel for the crowd during this time! Also, your wedding DJ will be able to provide sound for your speeches and slideshow if requested, sometimes at an additional fee. This can be cheaper than going with the house sound system!

Does your DJ have a license and insurance? Seriously, this is so important! Do not hire a cheap DJ that does not have them! Also, I should add, get a contract while you're at it. Make them show you these items and sign the contract. Even if your venue doesn't require your wedding vendors to have them, lie, and tell them your venue needs to see it, so you can see it! It also shows some serious professionalism.

What time will your DJ set-up? A set-up should never occur during your wedding reception! Imagine someone lugging equipment around in the middle of dinner and speeches. This can add to the price, but going with a DJ "just for the dance" for 4 hours can be really annoying. You don't wan't grandma giving a speech while the DJ tests his music.

Will your DJ drink or smoke weed while he is performing? You probably do not want this. We're all for a good party, but how well do you work when you've had a few brews? This is not super common, however it does occur! Usually with those too good to be true prices!

Does your DJ take requests? Now, I include this because of a common complaint - "the DJ only played music they like" and brides and grooms have tried to go the #DIY route to save a couple of bucks. Don't do this. We'll write a whole blog on why this is a bad idea - stay tuned! Anyway, asking questions is important! So make a whole list!

Edmonton DJ Wedding
Edmonton DJ

Back to what wedding DJ's cost! So, you've read by now that having a professional DJ is important. Where we are, Edmonton wedding DJ prices vary, but we recommend budgeting between $1000 - $2000 for an 8-hour show with sound and lights. These are the most common prices, you can go under, but be cautious! And you can go over, but make sure you are not getting ripped off.

A DJ will also spend hours of time with the following:

1. Meeting up with you in person.

2. Doing a venue check before your wedding.

3. Emailing back and forth between you and necessary vendors countless times to answer questions, finalize details and make changes.

5. Find all of your songs, and make sure your playlist is ready for your day.

6. Prepping and loading equipment for your set-up, sometimes up or downstairs, and then tearing it all down on the same day (usually being the last vendor on-site after a wedding).

Weddings are expensive, and most wedding DJ's are not in the market to rip you off. They have families, the same bills you do, and work really hard to make your wedding day a success! Make sure you are confident in their services and connect with them and your day will go smooth!



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