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Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Planning your own budget-friendly wedding. You've probably started looking for some awesome DIY options to help you save some money. Let's be honest, weddings are expensive! I'm all for saving money, but there are some things you can and probably shouldn't do yourself.

If your guests say, "WOW. Your wedding was so good! I had such a fun night!". Do you think they were commenting on how pretty your table runners and chair covers were? Or do you think they were commenting on their experience? It's definitely the second!

Yes, you can DIY some aspects for your budget-friendly wedding, such as your decor including centerpieces and linens. You might want to know it is time consuming from research, setting up your own wedding, cleaning up at the end of your exhausting night, and trying to sell your used items after. A super benefit to DIYing your own decorations is that it's quite environmentally friendly! Check out this blog for having a more ethical wedding

Focus on your vision when planning your budget-friendly wedding. What do you want to do and what do you want to have done by a professional wedding vendor? Weddings go from cute and budget-friendly to cheap real quick when you skip out on important service vendors that can help make your wedding memorable. We work with a lot of professionals in this city that would happily attest to this. Professionals have the ability to problem-solve when s*it hits the fan, and that is something you want on your special day. What are some of those important services that you will want a professional for? Check out this list:

  • Photographer

  • Wedding DJ

  • Caterer

  • Florist

  • Bartender

Here's an example: What you see

I'm going to rent speakers and hook them up to my playlist! I LOVE all of these songs! I can even get my friend/emcee to watch it! It's going to be so fun.

What actually happens

You rent speakers from a local rental service, without thinking about how to hook them up properly. Your emcee wants to enjoy their night too! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want the person in charge of my first dance inebriated. You've made it to the dance, the fun part, the non-stop party! Wait... why did the music pause? And hang on... is that a truck starting? No, it's the intro to your favourite country song. This happens A LOT at weddings with an iPod DJ and it is a total buzz kill! Now, what's happening? A song was just playing and stopped halfway through, that's peculiar. No... it's not, your drunk friend just hated the last song and decided to skip it because anyone can walk up to the iPod and hit skip.

When you pay for a professional service, you're usually saving in time and stress! Budget-friendly can be achieved in some different ways, though, with these tips!

  1. Have fewer guests. Saves on the size of venue, caterering, and more.

  2. Go digital where you can - photo booth's and invitations are great examples.

  3. Skip the wedding cake! Go for sweet treats instead.

  4. Prioritize. Do you need the fanciest dress or the biggest limo?

  5. Make your own favours! Someone once made us jam, I just opened it!

  6. Add your personal flare with decor.

If you're really feeling the budget-friendly wedding, get married at a more uncommon location, such as a campsite, community hall, or your friends families acreage.

All in all, is it possible to have a perfect DIY wedding? It depends on what your expectations for your day are and how much work you are really going to be able to put into it. Don't short yourself on an amazing experience that is usually once in a lifetime!



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