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Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning

Updated: Jan 20

Planning your own budget-friendly wedding. You've probably started looking for some awesome DIY options to help you save some money. Let's be honest, weddings are expensive! I'm all for saving money, but there are some things you can and probably shouldn't do yourself.

Do you want your guests saying, "WOW. Your wedding was so good! I had such a fun night! Thank you so much!".

Do you think they were commenting on how pretty your table runners and chair covers were? Or do you think they were commenting on their experience? It's definitely the second!

Yes, you can DIY some aspects for your budget-friendly wedding, such as your decor including centerpieces and linens. You'll want to know some things involved. It is time-consuming research, setting up your own wedding, cleaning up at the end of your exhausting night, and try and sell your used items for maybe half of the cost which you bought them for.

Focus on your vision when planning your budget-friendly wedding. What do you want to do and what do you want to have done by a professional wedding vendor?

Weddings go from cute and budget-friendly to cheap real quick when you skip out on important service vendors that can help make your wedding memorable. What are some of those important services that you will want a professional for? Check it out below.

Wedding DJ Services

Edmonton DJ Services

What you see

I'm going to rent speakers and hook them up to my playlist! I LOVE all of these songs! I can even get my friend/emcee to watch it! It's going to be so fun.

What actually happens

1. You rent speakers from a local rental service, without thinking about how to hook them up properly.

2. Your emcee has been doing great so far, hitting play when your slideshow starts, and pause when it's done. Let's not forget, you can't pay him as this would be illegal where we live in Edmonton, Alberta. Will he take his job seriously? Not very likely, they want to enjoy their night too! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want the person in charge of my first dance inebriated.

3. You've made it to the dance, the fun part, the non-stop party! Wait... why did the music pause? And hang on... is that a truck starting? No, it's the intro to your favourite country song. This happens A LOT at weddings with an iPod DJ and it is a total buzz kill! Now, what's happening? A song was just playing and stopped halfway through, that's peculiar. No... it's not, your drunk friend just hated the last song and decided to skip it because anyone can walk up to the iPod and hit skip.

Edmonton Wedding DJ

4. A wedding DJ creates the mood of your wedding and dance. They know what to play when to play it and control the overall feel at your event. A wedding typically has between 50 - 250 guests. That is a huge range of tastes in music. Your guests might not want to hear Top 40 all night long and will want to make requests. DJ's have a ridiculous amount of music and professional software that allows them to blend it all for your special day.

Wedding DJ's are a professional service that will be licensed and insured. Their job includes listening to you, learning your song and genre choices, and making sure they follow a strict timeline set by you or your wedding planner, all while making it a great party for you and your guests!

Photo Booth Services

Edmonton Photo Booth

This one is becoming popular at budget-friendly weddings, and we can't figure out why. There is an appeal for a Retro Polaroid Booth, it's awesome. If you're trying to save a buck, this is not the way to go! First of all, they are $100.00 each and $12.00/10 prints. Let's do some math... You have 100 guests and print 200 pictures. You are paying $340.00 without a backdrop or props and you'll miss out on a fun customized printout without a software.

Maybe you want the more traditional open style booth with good quality photos and prints. You already have a DSLR camera, how hard can it be? Very. Trust me. Did you know my first photo booth was for free for a charity event and it was a DIY? It was a simple backdrop, DSLR camera, laptop, software, and Canon Selphy printer. The printer was $150.00 and the prints were $50/100 prints. Not as easy as you'd think. Those printers take a minute and a half to print, and they can over-heat! That printer only holds 10 prints at a time.

Edmonton Photo Booth

Now, here is where a professional comes in. A professional will have reliable software that has lots of awesome features, such as creating your customized printout, instant sharing, and fun experience. Professional equipment is so important. Photo booth printers print out in 10 seconds and are completely dry. Keep it simple, rent a booth!

What is a more budget-friendly photo booth option? A Digital Photo Booth!

What other Professional Wedding Services should you stay away from DIYing? Check out this list! We work with a lot of professionals in this city that would happily attest to this. Professionals have the ability to problem-solve when s*it hits the fan, and that is something you want on your special day. So to recap, things to avoid DIYing:

  • Photographer

  • Caterer

  • Florist

  • Bartender

  • Make-Up & Hair Artists

What can you DIY then? There are lots of ways you can add a beautiful personal touch that will make your day stand out from the rest. Here is a quick list:

  • Transportation

  • Invitations

  • Favours

  • Decorations

All in all, is it possible to have a perfect DIY wedding? It depends on what your expectations for your day and how much work you are really going to be able to put into it. Don't short yourself on an amazing experience that is usually once in a lifetime!

Have a question or comment on the post? Send me a message, I'd love to talk about it!

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