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Are Bridal Shows Worth Attending When Wedding Planning?

If you're just starting out planning your wedding day, the Bridal Shows (aka Wedding Shows) will have everything you need in one place. They're a great place to get inspiration and ideas that you may not have thought of having at your wedding before the show.

Some shows have special discounts that you can take advantage of, but don't get pressured into spending thousands of dollars at the bridal shows just to save a few bucks. It's more about learning what you like and don't like, seeing the trends, and actually getting the opportunity to talk to your potential vendors.

So, that's the good. The bad is that these wedding shows are wildly overwhelming and it is a lot to take in if it's a big one! Here's our top tips for your bridal show experience:

Take lots of pictures!

A lot of the wedding show displays will be inspiring, so bring a charged phone to take pictures of everything you'd want to see at your wedding. And then go through the photos at home later before you commit to anything.

Scan QR codes and save them in your tabs

QR codes made a comeback and bridal shows are an awesome place to take advantage of them. Sometimes they have deals, some are more info, and some are directly to book your fav vendors.

Come in with an idea of what you want

Get some ideas so you're not incredibly stressed from the bridal show and all the possibilities you can have at your wedding. If you go in with a plan, you won't get distracted as much.

Avoid "good deals" and impulse spending

Vendors put out deals to try and entice you to buy at the bridal shows. You're going to be spending upwards of 10s of thousands planning your wedding day. Make sure you're confident and love the vendors you're going to be spending your wedding day with.

Create a wedding specific email

This is an email is to keep your wedding planning organised in one place. Then you're not using your main work email and giving it out at the wedding show.

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Compile your lists fairly soon after the wedding show so it's fresh in your mind of what you loved and didn't love. Then, reach out to your vendors asap! Your vendors calendars can book up quick after these shows and you want to make sure you get your favourite.

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