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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photo Booth

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

You may be in the early stages of research, or a month before your wedding and you've decided on having a photo booth. A great choice! We couldn't recommend it enough. You'll find out there are a ton of photo booth companies all eager to be apart of your big day.

Don't forget, you can get awesome combo packages from your DJ or Photographer if they offer multiple services.

Before you book a photo booth, we have a list of questions to ask your photo booth company. There is a huge difference in quality with output from printers, cameras, backdrops, lighting, and other options that will make for an awesome event. We're going to let you know exactly what to look for.

Edmonton Photo Booth
Edmonton Photo Booth

1. What are your backdrop options?

This is important at weddings. You would probably want to go with an awesome sparkly backdrop that reflects your decor over a plain green screen. The green screen and weddings really don't go together.

2. Will there be an attendant?

Photo booth attendants are also there to help guide your guests through the steps and have fun with them for a more enjoyable experience. A must-have with printing!

3. When will you set-up the booth?

Ask your service provider what time they will arrive to set up. Most times, it is an hour before they start, but you'll want it before your dinner and speeches. Either plan to have the booth outside of the reception area, or ask if they come earlier. Sometimes, a fee or less hourly rate will be applied for early set-up. Alternatively, go for a wedding-specific package that includes cocktails and reception.

Edmonton Photo Booth
Edmonton Wedding Photo Booth

4. How will guests know it's a photo booth?

This is particularly important with weddings, as people usually don't bring out large advertising banners. We often ask the DJ to make an announcement for guests to use the booth courtesy of the happy couple.

Edmonton Wedding Photo Booth Rental
Edmonton Photo Booth

5. What camera do you use?

DSLR and iPad cameras are both great options. Just ask to see samples.

6. Do you offer unlimited prints?

Prints are a great favour at weddings! Skip the mints and go for a photo booth. Make sure your photo booth offers free unlimited prints.

7. Do you bring out props?

Props are a fun feature for any event with a photo booth! Ask your photo booth company if they will be supplying these.

BONUS TIP: Always make sure your service providers have a business license, insurance, and a contract.

Your photo booth will be a great addition to your wedding! Haven't hired a Photo Booth yet? Check out our great options



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